We strive to teach people more about electronics. This year, we will be focusing on 3D modleing with Blender. We do both render based projects and also 3D modeling.

3D Modeling

We do hard surface 3D modeling using Blender. We model objects both in low-poly and high-poly. We teach the basics of 3D modeling and Blender.


We do both photorealsitic and geometric abstraction renders with Blender. We focus on lighting, texture, and bokeh in our renders.


We use open source WebXR frameworks to view 3D models in our world. We teach the basics of using WebXR to our advantage.


Below, you can find smaples of some renders and 3D models we made.

Room 327 360° Image

View Room 327 as a panorama image. This option perserves more detail, and is the most photorealistic option. Use a VR headset for a more immersive experience. Click on this card to view it.

Room 327 Room Tour

Walk around Room 327 virtually using WASD keys. This option is less detailed and not as photorealistic as the 360° image. VR mode is currently disabled due to a bug. Note: Due to the size of the 3D model, it may take up to 30 seconds for it to fully load. Click on this card to view it.

Low-Poly Island

And interactive 3D model that also works in AR of a low-poly island modeled using Blender.

More 3D models

Take a peak at some of the models we made during E-CG last year! Click on this card to view them.

Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing us at hi@blseclub.com